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Our expertise in the verticals.

The atares team impresses with its understanding of technology from various functional applications and experience from many different industries. This puts us in a position to assess quality, development, maintenance and sales processes. Evaluate the benefit dimensions and relevance from the user’s perspective. And thus to work out the strategic potential of a technology company. The verticals in which we have supported tech transactions over the last 20 years include supply chain, PropTech, HR services, energy, marketing, media, MedTech and travel.

We work in these verticals:

Supply Chain Tech: IoT, Blockchain, WMS, Robotics Process Automation, TMS, AI & ML, 5G, 3D Printing

MarTech: CMS, Automation, CRM, Loyalty, DSPs, Analytics, DX & UX, Engagement, Social Media

TravelTech: OTAs, Dynamic Packaging, PMS, Yield Management, HRS, GDS, VR, IBEs, DMS

HRTech: ATS, Onboarding, Benefits, Training, Feedback, Performance Management, Payroll, Skill Management, Recruiting

PropTech: IoT, Property Management, BIM, Metering & Energymanagement, AI, VR & AR, Building circular, Smart home, Optimization & decarbonization of buildings, ESG

EnergyTech: Smart Grid, IoT, EV-Charging, EMS, CCS, LI-Batteries, Hydrogen, AI & ML, Energy Transition, Decarbonization, Circular Economy, CO2 Footprint, Cleantech, Solar PV, Energy Storage, Hydrogen

HealthTech: HIS, Imaging, LIS, Robotics, CDSS, Analytics, EHR & ENR, mHealth

FinTech: PSP, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, KYC, Cybersecurity, InsurTech, Lending and Crowdfunding