Merging visions

We are different from others. Just like our clients.

Our suits may be off-the-peg. But our deals are tailor-made. Because atares delivers tailor-made transaction results. Because your project is different from all the others. Your wishes, goals and requirements are different. Your offer and your technology are unique. And so is our strategy for you. We are at your side throughout the entire process and do everything we can to achieve the best possible sustainable deal. We are your companion, supporter, guide, friend and advisor – just as you need us to be.

Your tech buddies

We are at home in many industries, but we are Tekkies at heart. By specializing in technology-driven deals, we have the necessary knowledge, skills and qualifications to achieve the best possible result for you. The high degree of digitization of processes and data increases the added value for our clients.

Our team of 20 experienced M&A advisors not only brings decades of expertise, a global network and plenty of negotiating skills to your deal. But also empathy for your situation, empathy for your wishes and loyalty for you and your company. Because at atares, M&A doesn’t just mean mergers & acquisitions. For us, it also stands for courage & decency, for humanity & enjoyment of work, for compassion & authenticity.

Your Feelgood Merger

We are atares –
Your expert for tech transactions

Maximum clarity and efficiency. The atares dealfloor.

Courage & decency. Humanity & joy of work.
Compassion & authenticity.

Your deal pilots

In our M&A projects, we take responsibility for your deal, offer strategic perspectives and convince with digital process excellence. It is always about the rational assessment of an investment, its feasibility and success. We bring opinion, experience and decisiveness to the table. We guide, lead and steer. We negotiate and negotiate, take the wheel at critical moments. And we always have your goal firmly in view.

Not only are our internal processes efficiently digitalized, but also the process management for the client. In the atares deal floor, all processes, leads, documents and deal content are securely stored and accessible in the cloud for both us and the client. With our innovative digital tools, we are ushering in the digitalization of the M&A industry, making processes more efficient and putting us on an equal footing with our tech clients.

Your digital professionals

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The atares dealfloor.

Our operating model for maximum clarity and efficiency.

When the ideal partners decide on a deal, it is always about the common future. On the one hand, these are shared strategies and visions that can be shared and developed in personal discussions. And on the other hand, the data situation. After all, the basis for any good strategy is optimal data and information, as well as its proper preparation. Our dealfloor enables a truthful, unadulterated, clear view of the data with the best informative value.

We collect the operating KPIs by networking multiple data sources from the targets. The aim is to provide a complete corporate data model with comprehensible price and volume structures as well as dependencies in order to make the potential of a company tangible and assessable. The result: maximum clarity about the company’s operating model with the relevant KPIs to show a reliable starting point for future development. And thus to determine the best possible transaction value.

With our innovative dealfloor, we realize the optimal partner match and make the work of all parties involved as efficient as possible with the best user experience. And most importantly, we maximize the success of the transaction. The complete transparency of the companies’ operating models makes the future tangible. This is the basis for an appropriate purchase price and an ideal starting point for the subsequent realization of the transaction objectives in the post-merger integration phase – and beyond. Because these are the advantages of a digital M&A manufactory: efficiency, convenience, added value.

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“Our entire team is passionate about technology. We use it ourselves to make our projects as efficient, convenient and value-adding as possible. And we support technology companies in the implementation of their visions as experienced M&A navigators.”

Jan Pörschmann, Partner

Transactions from person to person.

We provide our clients with the ideal partner for their transactions. Our success is driven by the best team and state-of-the-art technology. More than 20 highly motivated, experienced, technology-driven M&A advisors focus on your idea, your vision, your company and enable you to get the best possible tech deal. No matter which direction you want to take – with our access to 4,000 registered private equity funds and valuable, active contacts to around 30,000 relevant corporate finance experts worldwide, we will find the right partner for the right deal.

We are at home in our customers’ industries and markets.

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Making the deal. Making the difference.

Talents development.

If you really want to make a career.

As a digital M&A manufactory, we differ from others in two respects: Our technology and our people. Automated workflows, digitalized processes and our dealfloor, which digitalizes the entire transaction and partner selection process, set new standards and drive the digitalization of the M&A industry. But the most important difference is made by our team: 21 experienced M&A experts who are among the best in their field. The best work for us.

The best come to us.

Perhaps it is due to our way of working, which encourages performance but never exploits it. Because of our interesting projects, visionary clients and forward-looking transactions. Our mentoring program, which turns top graduates into top M&A experts. The many additional benefits we offer. And our unique team spirit, which we cultivate not only at many events throughout the year. Anyone who works at atares has made it. Because we are building the future together.

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