Professional DNA:

Over 25 years of professional experience as an entrepreneur, investor, advisory board/supervisory board member and industry manager.

Cultural DNA:

Grown up internationally in Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Argentina, England and hte USA -> multi-cultural expertise.


Over 100 successfully advised transactions in the last 20 years with soft spot for tech-heavy & asset-light situations in sectors: IT, Media, EMS, Education, Services -> multi-sectoral expertise.


Head of „Mittelstandsinitiative des Bundesverband M&A“, Expert at „Münchener Unternehmerkreis für IT Unternehmer“, EBS Alumni, „Münchener Herrenclub“ and „Die Familienunternehmer“.


My philosophy:

Being part of the solution and not part of the problem.

My passion:

Shaping great companies for the 21st century as strategic M&A advisor with empathy, creativity and foresight.

My dream:

Finding a new way of politics which effectively addresses the ultimate global challenges such as climate warming or ethics for disruptive technologies like CRISPR or AI.

My energy sources:

Playing saxophone. Enjoying quality time with my family and friends over a good glas of wine. Athletically, I keep fit with scuba diving, functional work-out, running and playing tennis.

“For a ship that doesn’t know its harbor, any wind will do.”

Jan Pörschmann

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